Tronplastics Roofing Sheets are one of our anchor products in this field.

Our Roofing Sheets are manufactured from specialized Polycarbonate material. Through extensive experience gained over the years, we understand this material to the core, hence we are the best suited to transfer that knowledge to our clients through the product. We supply in all sizes, shapes and colour. For any kind of roofing job be it domestic, shopping-malls, complexes and even warehousing.

Polycarbonate Flat Sheet

Polycarbonate Flat Sheet is extensively used in applications for the safety and security industries as it boast outstanding impact resistance. Ideal for security glazing, riot shields, visors, body armour and machine guards. Tronplactic Polycarbonate Flat Sheet is also suitable for architectural glazing and skylights as well as indoor and outdoor signage.

From a commercial aspect, daytime lighting cost can be reduced if sufficient natural light is designed into the building.

Skylights can be incorporated in a design by installing them in the roof plane (either flush or raised) or the vertical plane (either in the side wall or a monitor or ‘south-light’ structure). The most widely seen application is a translucent panel designed to match the profile of the steel, fiber cement or aluminium external cladding of the building.

The two most widely used profiled roof light materials in the world are Fibreglass (glass reinforced polyester GRP) and Polycarbonate (PC). These materials are manufactured to match the many different cladding profile shapes used around the world.

Polycarbonate Sheeting is a high quality, virtually indestructible translucent roofing material, manufactured from Polycarbonate – one of the most advanced polymers available. All Polycarbonate sheets have a co-extruded layer of highly UV stabilized polymer on the surface to create a water-resistant surface.

Exceptional impact strength, excellent flame retardant characteristics and resistance to weathering make Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting a good choice where these characteristics are required.

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